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is a six month teaching programme which offers specialised training for anyone interested in stepping out and influencing their community for Christ. Our vision is to build leaders who build God's kingdom because we believe ANYBODY can become a dynamic influencer for Christ when they are:


Encountering the presence of God:

knowing, understanding and discovering his voice.

Empowered by the word of God:

studying, adopting and applying the lifestyle of Jesus, the ultimate influencer and the spiritual principles he taught his disciples, the original followers that changed the world.

Experienced by serving God:

practicing newly learned skills and tools whilst stepping into a real community and building relationships with people; evaluating and processing the results with experienced leaders and pioneers.

Excited to be used by God:

prepared, confident and ready to allow God to take them on their own unique spirit-filled adventure.


The programme is therefore built on the following foundational blocks:

Biblical Teaching

Jesus was the ultimate influencer and modelled a lifestyle that taught his disciples exactly how to reach their friends, families, communities and eventually the whole world effectively! Over fifteen different leaders and teachers will unpack, study and explain these essential spiritual truths and principles which still have the power to change lives today and discuss what it looks like to apply them and live them out in today's society.


The course covers the following modules: Understanding the Call, Understanding the People, Bridging The Gap, Sharing the Truth, Influencing Spiritual Atmospheres, The Power of God, Believing for Change and How to Pioneer.


Practical skills
& Spiritual tools

Often we wait for a breakthrough 'God-moment' with someone before ever thinking through how to respond. The Connect Workshops are interactive sessions that give students space to prepare for those amazing moments as they discuss, develop and practise a wide range of practical skills and spiritual tools key to sharing faith relevantly and authentically.


We will cover subjects such as: how to share your testimony, how to pray for healing, using the prophetic, working with addicts, working with the 18-30's, spiritual rhythms of community living and much more.


The real secret of your success and growth as a dynamic influencer is the exciting opportunity to serve during the week with The Living Room, a cross-cultural mission project which models all the skills and principles taught in class.


You will work alongside seasoned leaders who will mentor and support you as you build your own relationships within the community, see God use you in awesome ways and gain the experience, practise and confidence needed to leave fully prepared and ready for whatever God has called you to.



We believe that God can only do through you, what He has already done in you and therefore a large focus of the programme is designed to help you grow in your own personal relationship with God, to develop intimacy and passion, step into the prophetic and understand the power of the secret place.


Students build their own relationships within the community therefore each of their experiences will be completely unique, as God moves in different ways and reaches different people through each of them. We invite students to have their own input into building this project here with us and to explore what God is doing individually with them personally.


The second part of the programme introduces students to a wide range of leaders pioneering different types of ministries and gives students space to explore the vision, dreams and desires on their heart for their own community.

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