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A Visitor's Perspective

I had a conversation one day with a friend of mine from Tenerife Family Church that changed the course of my life. I told her I had been wanting to come to church but wasn't sure. She encouraged me to come and said that I was always welcome, so I did.


She was right, I felt part of the family, everyone was so loving and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting up with them, I felt jealous for what everyone had at this church and I wanted it for myself. After church I used to hang out with everyone, I felt like I belonged and I could finally trust people.

- Kay

“Having never been a church-goer, I was pretty nervous and unsure the first time I visited Tenerife Family Church, I expected a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites, I couldn't have been more wrong.


From the second I crossed the door, I was met with genuine love and friendship, people that were real and down to earth and I felt a warmth that I couldn't explain. To my surprise, I was happy and found myself wanting to go back again the next week.”

- john

“We visited Tenerife Family Church whilst on holiday and were made to feel so welcome. What an amazing mission-minded church changing lives in Tenerife. Thanks for an incredible time.”

- harrison family

"Pastors Bill and Roz made us feel like family straight away, making sure we had everything we needed including lifts to church. Bible based preaching and a congregation who loves to worship - the friendliest church in Tenerife!

- kotecha family

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