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Tenerife Family Church is actively involved in many areas of the community. What you see on Sunday is just the tip of the iceberg! We regularly reach out to over 1000 people a week through the different outreach ministries and works of the church.

There is a massive need here and as a church, we are ready and eager to jump in. You see, our heart at Tenerife Family Church is "Love God, Love People" as we believe that the love of Christ absolutely has the power to transform all people. So we work to teach, train, grow and equip our people in their community, so that as they step into the lives of broken people, get alongside them, and show God's love to them, we will see our communities and this island set free and won for Christ. Amen!

Here are just some of the ways we are doing this:


the living room (re-locating)

The Living Room is a centre situated in the heart of the nightlife resort of Las Americas. Every year hundreds of British young adults move to this nightlife scene with huge expectations but often find themselves wrapped up in drugs, alcohol, and sex and end up in very messy situations. We aim to reach people through love, support and friendship so The Living Room Team regularly visit the bars, clubs, strip-joints and streets of the nightlife community to befriend and chat with the young adults who work there. We see God move in mind-blowing ways and continually share our testimonies, answering their soul-searching questions about faith and praying with people. The Living Room also often receives mission teams from churches and bible colleges in the UK and is about to launch its mission school where people can be trained to pioneer. (See Influencers)

Contact Rachel for more info:



SHE supports vulnerable women in need, often in the case of domestic violence. Sadly, this is a major issue on the island due to the dysfunctional nature of many living here. SHE provides a confidential phone line that any woman can call and share their needs; the trained team then tries to meet those needs in the name of the love of Jesus, offering practical advice, support and friendship. Not only are the team able to contact the appropriate authorities and offices needed but they often support the women through the entire legal process. SHE hopes to see lives not just helped but transformed by the love of Jesus.

Confidential help-line (+34) 639 426 835 (we speak both English and Spanish)

Contact Roz for more info:


hospital visiting

Falling ill whilst on holiday or having a loved one fall ill is a devastating situation to find yourself in and people often feel scared, lonely and helpless. Every week this team visit the British patients admitted to the hospitals in the South of Tenerife to encourage, speak with and pray with them in their time of need. The patients and families really appreciate a friendly face and someone to talk to. Many accept prayer and often conversations turn into questions about faith. It is amazing how God is working and using the team to reach out to people. If you know someone in hospital who you would like the team to visit or if you have been visited by the team, please contact us.

For more info please contact Roz:

funeral & memorial services

Our Pastors are often booked by locals to lead these services and it has become a big part of Pastor Bill's regular work, largely as a result of the personal relationships he has built in the community over the last 20 years. It is challenging work, and the island's propensity to addiction leads to many on the island losing loved ones in very tragic circumstances, this does, however, open a door for Pastor Bill to get alongside broken, grieving families to comfort and support them and show them the love of Christ. How God has moved in some of these sad situations is truly miraculous. (Similarly, wedding blessings and dedications are services which have also allowed us to build relationships and share with local people).

These services can be live-streamed via YouTube for friends and family who are not able to make it to Tenerife in time for the funeral as funerals in Tenerife are carried out within 48-72 hours. (Ask Pastor Bill for costs and availability)

community contact

We train our church people to be missionary-minded within their spheres of influence which means that many people from Tenerife Family Church go out and meet up with people to get alongside them and share their faith. Not only does this mean we are constantly stepping into messy, broken lives to help, encourage and support people but it also means we get to pray and talk about Jesus! What God is doing in the lives of people is so exciting and we are seeing incredible fruit. We are known in our communities which means we often get called when people hit rock bottom or are in the middle of a desperate situation and its an honour to serve Christ here in this way.


Influencers (on Hold)

Influencers is birthed out of a desire to empower you to fully realise your identity in Christ and the power and authority he has given YOU to release the Kingdom of heaven on earth and see your local community transformed by the love of Christ. The six-month programme combines teaching, training and mentoring from gifted leaders, missionaries, evangelists and pioneers from all over the world whilst also giving students space to immediately apply the practical tools and skills developed as they serve five days a week with The Living Room Ministry. If you are interested in pioneering or planting new ministries, if you want to journey with us as we love his people and build his Kingdom here in new ways in Tenerife or if you need to renew your passion for Christ, Influencers is for you!

connect groups

Many of our connect groups have an evangelistic side aiming to build friendships with people outside the church family as well as within. Messy Church, Butterfly Connections, Little Angels and Craft Mornings have all seen God reach out to people who have no other church connection.


We regularly run Alpha Groups where we can invite people with whom we have contact through our outreach ministries or friends and family who have questions about God and are curious to know more.

associated outreach ministries

Although not specific works of Tenerife Family Church, we love to partner with these great people and great ministries doing a fantastic job and we often carry out missions together!

HASMissions -

Walking Free -

Noahs Ark (Arca de Noé) -

Our God-Given Mission (OGGM) -

Restore Community Church -

Mattersey Hall Bible College -

Soul Winners Academy
The Living Room
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