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Our Ways

35,000 registered British residents (probably double that if you include unregistered residents) and 1.6 million tourists visit Tenerife every year. And not just British, but from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Over the years we have integrated with and welcomed many Spanish-speaking people who share our beliefs. Many of these people come to Tenerife to have a good time, to find paradise or to escape dysfunctional situations in their home countries, but unfortunately, find that the problems they hoped to leave behind have come with them! We can tell you story after story of the pain that many of them have had to go through.

You do not have to be here long before you see that depression, suicide, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prostitution, hedonism, homelessness, domestic violence, abuse, financial ruin, ill health, bereavement and loneliness are all major issues on the island and as a church we are ready and eager to jump in!

You see, our heart at Tenerife Family Church is “Love God, Love People” and we don't take that theme lightly as we believe that the love of Christ absolutely has the power to transform all people. So we work to teach, train, grow and equip our people to get outside the walls of the church and to build relationships with people in their community, so that as they step into the lives of broken people, get alongside them, and show God's love to them, we will see our communities and this island set free and won for Christ.

This means our church can be quite messy at times! But we love that as we desire that all people, no matter who they are and no matter what scandalous background they have would be welcome, accepted and belong when they walk through the door. We have found over the years that it is this sense of belonging that so often leads to a person beginning to believe and allow the Spirit of God to enter in, which is when we see people become all that God intended them to be.

Over the twenty-plus years that we have been in Tenerife, we have seen so many, many, messy lives transformed by Jesus. Tenerife is a very exciting place to be if you are a mission-minded Christian and we are always looking for people who want to come, train with us, pioneer with us, build with us, roll your sleeves up with us and get involved with us!

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