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Our Leadership


allan wright

Favourite Scripture: "and it came to pass"- seen us through many a trial.


One thing most people don't know about me: I'm never comfortable 'socialising' amongst large groups.

People that inspire me: Anyone giving 100% effort to something worthwhile.


What makes me laugh, and cry: Human behaviour, including my own at times!


Regrets: Never having got seriously involved in some form of serious music

My wife and I began visiting Tenerife back in 1990 prior to becoming Christians​ in 1991, eventually linking with Tenerife Family Church in 1992 not long after its founding. These days, being in retirement, we balance our time and interests between Tenerife and the UK. I was appointed both a deacon and chair of trustees in 2003 and 2004 respectively, due to my engineering and business experience my role in the church has mainly been a practical one (alongside my truly amazing wife!). I am passionate about giving attention to detail and being known for honesty, reliability and approachability. I also love cycling and keeping fit, although this is somewhat reduced these days! Married to Pat (a lady I don't deserve) and still going strong after many trials and tribulations thanks to God's interventions! Parent to three children (I won't mention the age of the surviving 2!) and three adult grandchildren. I am still trying to be a better husband, father and grandfather. I enjoy DIY, maintaining property and gardens and taking on the challenge of attempting to fix a variety of things (not always successfully)!

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