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What we do

A Sunday Gathering at Tenerife Family Church will generally be made up of the following four elements:


Most people will stand, clap or raise their hands in adoration of Jesus, some prefer to sit quietly, we welcome you to worship in whatever way you feel comfortable! We will display the words on a screen for you to follow if some songs are new to you.


We love to hear real-life stories from people who have met Jesus and had their lives turned around. Someone usually will share their personal story for about 7 minutes. It's great!


You will hear a clear and relevant message from the bible with practical insights you can apply to your life.


We believe God hears and answers our prayers and so we spend part of the service bringing some desperate situations to Him in prayer. We also always have a prayer team available at the end of the service for anyone who needs either a listening ear, some advice or would like to chat and pray through any issue or situation. It's always good to get prayer!

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